Piano Lessons in Chester

I specialise in teaching piano to new beginners of all ages.

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Inspired By Passion

“Sally has an amazing ability to make everything fun and is always extremely easy to talk to. She is a fantastic piano teacher and a great friend.” Penny, 11



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Jessica Watson

Founder, Lecturer

Relaxed & Friendly

Piano Tuition For All Ages & ABILITIES

I am a classically trained piano teacher based in Great Boughton, Chester. I teach piano and theory of music to children and adults of all ages and abilities.

I have extensive experience in preparing individuals for piano examinations. 100% of my students who have taken a piano exam have passed, many receiving Merits or Distinctions. If you or your child would prefer to learn just for pleasure though, this of course is great too.

Please visit the piano lessons page for further details regarding my piano tuition, and the about me page to find out more about my musical training and experience.


What My Students Say

“I can’t articulate how delighted we are with Emily’s attitude to piano now, and how much she is enjoying her lessons with you, it’s so lovely to see. Thank you for providing such a positive and inspiring experience!”


“At the age of 60, having never played the piano before, I was very apprehensive at the thought of piano lessons. However, I could not have chosen a better teacher than Sally. She is clear in her instruction and explanation but above all offers encouragement and is very patient. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to my lessons with Sally and three years later, I am getting enormous pleasure from being able to play our piano which has been redundant since the children left home. Sally is an excellent teacher and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her.


“I love working with Sally. She has helped me progress well with my piano. She has an amazing ability to make everything fun and is always extremely easy to talk to. Sally is a fantastic piano teacher and a great friend.”


“I greatly enjoyed my time receiving piano lessons from Sally. Her lessons were varied, interesting and always carefully thought out with the ability and potential of the student as the foremost consideration. Sally has a delightful manner and sense of humour and I found this brought about the best of me as a novice who had always wanted to learn the rudiments of piano playing. I felt myself very lucky to have Sally as my teacher and have not the slightest hesitation in recommending her to others. You will not regret your choice.”


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